Tuesday, July 12, 2005

smart update

just an update on this post, hindi po totoo na ininvite na ako ni randy david for interview... hehehe. anyways... eto po yung reply ng smart customer service, ang masasabi ko lang, i'l close this chapter na, wala din namang mangyayari...

Dear Sir/Madam,

It saddens us deeply that you regarded the information we provided as
such. We wish to assure you that no modification has yet been done on
the procedures for SMART Prepaid Voice Roaming since its initial launch.
Keep in mind that SMART Prepaid International Roaming used to offer
only text service. The command VROAM was created so SMART subscribers
whose text roaming service was already active at the time when the new
voice roaming service was launched would also have the chance to activate
it. On the other hand, the command ROAM ON which used to activate the
text roaming service only, was modified such that subscribers who sent
the said command after the Prepaid Voice Roaming Service was launched
were able to simultaneously activate both text and voice service.

We hope this helped shed light on the matter. If further clarification
is necessary, please do not hesitate to write us back.

Thank you for sharing your sentiments with us.


Customer Care

napansin ko lang, hindi sila sigurado kung lalaki o babae ako, dear sir/madam daw eh, hehehe. hay naku, napagdiskitahan ko na naman ang aking unique na pangalan.

case closed.


Lynn said...

What 50 pesos/minute? That's bloody expensive. I read your previous post about SMART and their corresponding reply to your dilemma. Napaka SMART nila talaga wala akong magets sa sagot nila mwahahahha!!!

kukote said...

first of all, thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the comment. visit ka lagi ha. =)

totoo po, 50 pesos / minute. it's on their website. kaya yung load kong 500 na pang-emergency text lang sana ay naubos kaagad nang sagutin ko yung client call from kuwait. =(

i did not request for that feature na inactivate nila without my knowledge, kagaya nung ginawa din nila dun sa isang anonymous na nagcomment dun sa post ko.

SMART talaga sila.