Tuesday, June 29, 2004

confirmed flight schedule

got a confirmed flight schedule... at last! July 1, 11:00PM, ETA - July 2, 4:25PM on NAIA. One more problem... up to now... i don't have my per diem!!! :( I hope, i can get it till tomorrow. Or else... wala kayong pasalubong!!!

would u capture it?

Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip? -Eminem (Loose Yourself)

This is a question I was trying to answer right now. My decision today will affect my life forever...

i'm going home... but when?

It is confirmed, i'm going back to Philippines. But when? Up to now, i don't have a confirmed flight schedule. The secretary who is doing all his best to get me the earliest flight possible is having a difficulty getting a flight schedule. he said that it is a peak season and all flight schedule are fully booked. I wonder, what's with the Philippines? why do all of them wanted to go there that I cannot get my flight schedule easily? is it because of the inauguration? or just that they want to escape the summer heat, "hellish" heat here in Kuwait?

The world in my apartment. First... it was Indian. Then, a Lebanese came. Then, an Egyptian. And now... I am living with a Pakistani. Now, the world is seeing how messy marhgil is. :) Well, they all gave the same remarks. Bachelor's room are all the same... messy :)

Sunday, June 27, 2004

dont want to go home empty handed

i'm going back to Philippines. already cleaned my clothes and packed my things. i'm just waiting for that confirmed flight schedule, which is still under process up to now. i thought that this company is delaying my per diem, but i actually found out that they don't. because all of the employees are having their per diem and salary delayed. reason? lack of funds! i can't believe such company will run out of funds. maybe, their clients are not paying them yet? i don't know, all i want now is to get my per diem before i fly back to philippines. i dont want to go back home empty handed. :(

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Rebooting... testing... going home

Reboot fix 90% of your problems in your PC. That's what they say. And I recently found out that it is not only applicable to computers! Why? I got a problem a week ago, where the TV reception in the apartment was so bad. All channels were affected, and since this is through sattelite, Hani tried everything he knows on troubleshooting to fix it because he wanted to watch football game. He checked the cables, went at the rooftop to see the connection to the satellite dish, but to no avail. The reception is the same, blurred. Then a thought on my Kukote... why don't we reboot?? What do I mean? Unplug the TV and the sattelite receiver and turn it on again! So, we did it! And we are really shocked that it solved the problem!!! Hani said that maybe, there are some noise on the satellite receiver, that even turning it off through the remote control will not remove it since there is still power inside it. Unplugging it totally remove all these noise, that's why when we plugged it again, it solves the problem. So, next time that you are having trouble with you electronic equipment that is not being unplugged for a long time... try rebooting it! It works for us... it might work for you as well. :)

What else? Ahh... I went to KFH site last night to do some tests, but no KFH representative came. We waited for 30 minutes, called them many times but they are not answering the phone. So, we left the place without testing. These guys are really professional. :)

Lastly... i got a Disengage Order from our company's president. I was ordered to disengage from the BKME project and book myself to Manila ASAP. Reason? Confidential. :) So, I'll be in Manila probably next week depending on the flight schedule availability. Im going home!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

i'm not alone anymore

Someone new to me has moved to the apartment where I am staying. This time, he is Egyptian, and 20-years older than me. He'll just be staying for a week while his apartment is being fixed. He's kinda cool, and easy to go along with. I just hope he was not irritated with what he saw when he first came there... all the mess are there, as if he just entered a jungle. Hehehe. Now, after enjoying 2 weeks with Lebanese music on Rotana channel, I think, I'll be appreciating Egyptian channels now. His name is Hani, i forgot his last name. (Reminds me of my past "honey" hehehehe). Before, I felt I was living with my brother, now, i feel I am living with my father. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

a cool personal website!

As I browsed through the net, I discovered this cool personal website. Check it out here. :) I can't recognize my picture there! Hehehe

certifications... and being a manager

I always wanted to take a training for MCSE certifications. I know, I can pass that exam, I know I can, because others did, so why can't I? We are all alike, humans, gifted by God with the same brain. But what hinders me from taking the exam is the money. You need a tremendous amount of money to have the training and take the exam. For an ordinary person like me whose income is just enough for his stomach :), how can I take it?

Right now that I am on foreign assignment and having the opportunity to save some money, I am now wondering, is the training and certification worth investing? Should I spend the money I saved here for that certification? Or is it better to take masteral degree? Or better invest it into a business? What do you think??

My direct superior left, and the task for supporting the KFH site was assigned to me. Now, I have a new responsibility. Instead of just directly coordinating with him, now it is me that will coordinate to the people for whom he is coordinating. (Huh! Full of coordinates, I remember Analytic Geometry, x and y coordinates. hehe) This is a better challenge, a new learning experience. Coordinating with other team leaders, discussing with client about some open trouble tickets, closing these tickets, these are the task that I really wanted to do. I don't want to be stucked up with codes. You know what I mean. I also wanted to be the head. A manager, handling people, where I see my ideas done in unity and with coordination by the people I handle, and in the end, I can say that, it's my idea, the credit is on me, though I did not do any coding. Maybe, I'll be in that stage in the future, but not now. There are still so many things to learn, I'm just 24, and maybe, when I reach their age (30+), I am already someone I dreamed of. Inshallah.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Alone, young and advertiser

i'm alone again on my apartment. :) i think, i am kinda different from the others. I am a loner. I am happier when I'm alone. I am happier living alone, throwing all my stuffs anywhere I want, doing household chores when I felt doing it, eating the food i want, sleeping anywhere I want, with no one to dictate me what to do inside my house. Yes, I am single, alone, but happy.

I'm 24, young, actually, the youngest on the IVR Team, where I worked with 30+-year old people, am I correct? Sazzad? Sheejan? :) With this age, I am proud of what I have achieved. I still remember what a friend of mine from KFH told me. "At your age, being on such a big project as KFH Call Center and playing a major role in the development of the IVR application, this is something you can be proud of. Programmers of your age do ordinary programming, while you are here working with these guys in KFH."

There are more things to come. I am currently working on BKME project. Also an IVR application. And I hope, when KFHICC Phase 2 comes, I'll still be a part of that. :)

To those people who wants my service, if you need an IVR application that suits your needs, fully customized to your requirements, just contact me here and I'll refer you to my company so that we can work together. Visit our website to see the lists of our satisfied customers and some of the products we are offering.

Now, I became an advertiser. :) Well, all I can say is that if you want to secure your income source, help your company get some clients, so that projects continue to come. :)

That's all folks.

more about me

Here is the list of movies I missed and wanted to watch soon as it is available on DVD.

Passion of the Christ, Troy, Harry Potter III, Hellboy, The Day After Tomorrow

Things I wanted to buy soon:

A DVD player, a pair of rubber shoes, a house and lot. :)

What I wanted to do soon:

Start a business of my own.

That's all for now.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Aventuremail deactivated my account

For unknown reason, I was not able to login to my aventuremail account. An error page said that my account was deactivated and I will be notified on my yahoo account when they reactivated it. They did not even give me a warning or any notification mail, on whatever the reason they did it. I sent them an e-mail asking them what have I done wrong. We'll wait and see. Huh!

politics and my "fearless forecast"

With what's happening on the Philippine politics today... it looks like that my fearless forecast last May 11 on my old diary is going to materialize. We'll see.

Friday, June 18, 2004

My visit to Qatar

I went to Qatar yesterday and came back here in Kuwait on the same day. This was done to renew my visa here in Kuwait. What was odd yesterday was that I went and came back here in Kuwait on the same airplane, with the same crew, and worst of all, same food. :( I got trouble passing the airport security in Qatar. I set aside my cellphone and my watch before passing there. But their metal detector kept on buzzing, that I have to remove even my shoes just to pass there (but my shoes does not have a metal on it!). I stayed at Qatar airport for two hours, just sitting there waiting for the next flight. I just played chess on my cellphone just to kill the boredom. Now, I'm back in Kuwait, received an e-mail from our company President and it looked like that I will just be staying here for a week and go back to Philippines for another important project.

Site of the day: If you have Nokia 6600 and looking for a free theme downloads, visit this site.

Thought for the day: "You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you cannot pick your friend's nose!" (I heard this from the FM station played on the taxi as I went back home yesterday.)

Thursday, June 17, 2004

ang kandila

A thought just struck my Kukote. I want to write a poem. But I don't have the talent to write one. Then, I remember my Uncle's poem. I don't know if he is the author of this poem, or he must have heard it also from others, but it's quite funny, I want to share it with you. To those who don't understand tagalog, sorry guys but I can't translate it for you. Try this site if you want to translate it. Translate at your own risk. I have tested it and it did not pass my standards. :) Here is the poem:

Ang Kandila

Ang kandilang laking laki, habang haba'y tumutulo
Tumutulo ang kandilang, habang haba'y laking laki
Laking laki ng kandilang habang haba'y tumutulo
Ang kandilang tumutulo'y habang haba'y laking laki

Habang haba'y tumutulo ang kandilang laking laki
Laking laki ng kandilang tumutulong habang haba
Ang kandilang habang haba, laking laki'y tumutulo
Ang laking laki't habang haba, na kandila'y tumutulo

Kayo na ang magtuloy... :)

I don't know who the real author of this poem is. But if you are the one, contact me so that I can give you the credits. Hehehe.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

too young

Can friends become lovers? Definitely yes. Can lovers become friends? Definitely yes. A friend of mine asked me to discuss this topic here. But I cannot think of anything to write. I am too young for this topic. Hehehehehe.

Random thoughts: "Do not sleep while your mouth is open."

my e-mail addresses

marhgil@hotmail.com - 2MB
marhgil@lycos.com - 6MB
marhgil@hellokitty.com - 10MB
marhgil@yahoo.com - 100MB
marhgil@spymac.com - 1GB
marhgil@aventuremail.com - 2GB

Google started it all. And now, e-mail account spaces are going up. When will hotmail update their account? Yahoo is still the best, it is still my main account. About Aventuremail, I am just one of the select few who were able to open an account. :) I think, they are not accepting anymore registrations. Anyone who wants this e-mail address? Contact me, I am open for negotiations. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Spymac as my recycle bin, 5KWD monthly subscription, visa

It seems that Spymac considers yahoogroups e-mail as spam, and deleting it automatically without prior consent. That's not a good way to control spam where user doesn't have any idea which e-mail is being deleted or not. I cannot do anything about that, they own it, I am just one of the users who is actually not paying for it. I checked their terms and conditions and found these information on it:

"(6)You shall not use the Basic Web Services for "spamming." "Spamming" includes, without limitation, (1) the sending of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) of any nature; (2) the sending of junk mail; (3) the use of distribution lists that include people who have not given specific permission to be included in such distribution process; (4) the posting of commercial ads to USENET newsgroups that do not permit it, (5) excessive and repeated posting of off-topic messages to newsgroups, (6) excessive and repeated cross-posting, (7) the e-mailing of age-inappropriate communications or content to anyone under the age of 18; (8) the hosting of sites or information that is advertised by UCE from other sources; and (9) the uploading, posting, e-mailing or other transmission of any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation."

Does yahoogroups' mail fall to this category?? I don't think so. Maybe, they think so. :)I redirected back all my yahoogroups mail to my hellokitty account. I used this account because this has 10MB Inbox. After doing the changes, yahoogroups mail started coming to this account, which means that there is no problem with yahoogroups.

I'l still use spymac account as my "Recycle Bin." :) Instead of deleting e-mails immediately, iL forward it to this account before deleting.

On other matters, last month, I bought a 5KWD internet prepaid card, unlimited number of hours for 1 month, valid for 30 days after initial use. I started using it last May 7, and now, it is already June 14, more than a month has passed, and yet I am still using it. Actually, I am still using the same account right now! What must have happened, I don't know. Am I liable for using it for more than a month?? Should I report it to them?? What do you think? This is actually not the first time, it happened also to me in the Philippines. An 11-hour prepaid internet card just keep on connecting for more than 2 months... am I right, Owen?? Hehehe. U know which card I am talking about.

On June 17, my visa will expire. Got to visit Qatar airport again. I already have the airline ticket. Kuwait Airways should give me an award for being their regular customer for almost a year with an average of 1 flight per month. :) Too bad, I just have to stay on the airport for 2 hours and come back to Kuwait again with my new visa. I miss Movenpick Hotel, when can I visit you again??

That's all for now.

Monday, June 14, 2004

spymac, english posts, deployment

Is it the yahoogroups who is not sending me the e-mail updates, or is it spymac.com that is blocking it?? I diverted all my yahoogroups' messages to this e-mail account and I am not getting any update. What is the use of a 1GB account if you cannot use it in your mailing list? Maybe, that is what the old saying goes... "That is what you get for what you pay for." Since, I did not pay anything, I got nothing. :)

Maybe, some of you are wondering why I suddenly switched to English posts? I just want to broaden my viewers. Many of my officemates here in Kuwait know about this site, but they are complaining they cannot understand anything. Hehehe. I will still use our national language, in some instances na naubusan na ako ng English. Kagaya ngayon. Hehehe.

It is around 9:30PM here, and in 1 hour, I will be in our client to deploy some changes on our IVR application. We cannot deploy during daytime because it is a live system.We can update only during off-peak hours.

Got to have some shower... call a taxi and go there. Tomorrow, I'll come to office at 10:00AM :)

Sunday, June 13, 2004

cool site for sharing big files

If your file is too big to send in an email (like logs, video clips, mp3s, etc...), use www.yousendit.com. The recipient will not receive the file as attachment, instead, he will receive a link for him to download the file. The maximum file size to share is 1GB!!! And it is free of charge. I tested it and it is working fine. It even works with multiple e-mail recipient.

Just a bit of information from me. i'L add this site on my Links on the side bar for your reference. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2004

new e-mail account

Just signed up for a new e-mail account. marhgil@spymac.com. 1 GB free disk space!!! Lahat ng membership ko sa yahoogroups, inactivate ko na ulit yung e-mail service, pointing to this account. :) Dineactivate ko kasi dati, lagi kasing napupuno yung hellokitty mail ko which is already 10MB. Ewan ko lang ngayon kung mapuno nyo to. Hehehehe. Ang tagal naman ng Gmail maglaunch eh. Kakainip. Pero pag naglaunch sila, sign-up din ako. Syempre. Sana, huwag silang ningas kugon. Baka sa umpisa lang yan, tapos pag nagtagal, biglang manghihingi ng bayad. Idedemanda ko naman sila. Hehehe.

Happy Independence Day sa lahat ng Filipino!!! Mabuhay ang kalayaan! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Araw ng Kalayaan

Hunyo 12, 1898, iwinagayway doon sa Kawit, Cavite ang watawat ng Pilipinas, simbolo ng kalayaan natin sa mga dayuhang Kastila na mahigit tatlong dekadang umalipin sa ating bansa. At ngayon, makalipas ang isang daan at anim na taon, nasaan na tayo?

Masaya ako at napalayas natin ang mga dayuhan, salamat sa kabayanihan ng ating mga bayani. Pasalamat silang mga Kastila, hindi pa ako ipinanganak noong panahong yun. Kung ipinanganak siguro ako noon, baka ang larawan ko ang nasa piso ngayon. Hehehehe.

On serious matters, masasabi kong malaya na tayo. Malaya na tayo sa ilalim ng pamamahala ng mga dayuhan. Pilipino na ang presidente natin. Imagine kung gaano tayo kalaya? Kahit Pilipino ka, kung hindi ka natural-born, wala kang karapatang maging Presidente. Meron na tayong sariling konstitusyon at mayroon tayong sariling batas na sinusunod. Kung hindi tayo malaya, wala na sigurong malayang bansa. :)

Nasa atin nang mga kamay ang ikauunlad at ikababagsak ng ating bansa. Ang problema lang sa atin ngayon, punong puno ng karumihan ang pulitika natin. Ang daming corrupt na pulitiko. Walang iniisip kundi ang sarili nila. Pero nasa atin din ang kalayaan na palayasin sa kanilang mga pwesto ang mga gagong ito. Kaya nga may eleksyon. Ang problema lang, wala tayong masyadong choice. Sabi nga nila, we are choosing among evils. Hindi naman siguro ganun, may mga tao din naman jan na matitino, hindi lang napapansin.

Para umunlad ang bansa natin, magkaisa tayo tungo sa isang direksyon. Kung walang pagkakaisa, walang patutunguhan ang bansa natin. United we stand, divided we fall.

deleted post

Sa mga nakabasa ng post ko entitled "sana... sana...", pasensya na kayo kung dinelete ko na dito. Napagkasunduan namin ng aking kukote na huwag ko na ipost ang tungkol sa buhay pag-ibig ko dito. :) Sabi ng aking kukote, dapat daw, I make a separate Blog for that "marhgiL's Puso".

Well, ayoko naman pag-usapan pa ng ibang tao ang lovelife ko. Feeling artista ba?? Hehehe. So, from now on, you will not be able to read on my post regarding my love life. Sorry folks....

Yun lang po muna ngayon.

Thought for the day. "Don't think while your mouth is open." Bakit? Ang sama naman na makita kang nag-iisip ng nakanganga. Para kang tanga. hehehe.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Google's Gmail

Since walang pasok bukas, yung mga pumapasok sa kukote ko na gusto kong ipost, isusulat ko na ngayon.

Kita nyo yung topic ko? Google's Gmail. Have you heard of it? Siguro naman. Hindi pa sya available publicly, pero in the near future, ilalaunch na sya. At isa ako sa mga nag-aabang na makakuha ng bagong email account dito... marhgil@gmail.com. Bakit ka nyo?? Sana totohanin nila yung sinasabi nila... 1GB free space!!! Grabe, kung tototohanin nila ito, bagsak ang negosyo ng mga email providers na dito kumikita. Sino pa ang babayad sa kanila kung pede na palang magopen ng account with 1GB disk space? Di ba, this is a nice move from Google. And this has a nice domino effect. Bakit kanyo?? E yung yahoo, naglabas na rin ng announcement na they will upgrade their free email to 100MB!!! Yung iba kaya? Gumaya rin? Sana, totohanin ng Google, at totohanin ng yahoo. Siguro, susunod na rin ang Hotmail. I am waiting for that. Yung privacy issue versus Gmail, sus! sigurado nagpupush nun, yung mga email providers na hindi kaya tapatan ang service ng Google. It is true na binabasa ng computer ng google ang mga email, para malagyan daw ng advertisement sa tapat, depende kung ano ang subject sa email nyo. Invasion of privacy nga siguro, pero sino ba nagbabasa? Tao ba? e computer naman eh, hindi naman tsismoso yun na ipagsasabi yung nakasulat sa email mo. These are electronic scanners to see the content of your email to post an advertisement related to your email. Ayaw mo pa nun? 1GB lang naman ang katapat na space. And take note, hindi ba, matagal ng ginagawa yun ng mga Anti-Spam softwares??? Paano nila malalaman na spam yung email kung hindi nila nascan yung content? So, it is not actually a big deal! Matagal nang nangyayari na may computer na nagscan ng content ng email natin sa yahoo man or sa kahit anong email service na may anti-spamming capability. Magkaiba nga lang yung purpose ng Google at ng anti-spam softwares. Pero pareho ginagawa nila, do you think, its invasion of privacy??? Yun lang... kelan kaya ang official launch?? Sa mga makakabasa nito, reserved ko na yung marhgil@gmail.com ha!!! Walang aagaw... hehehe, sino ba naman kapangalan ko sa mundo?? Wala naman eh, kaya lahat ng account ko, first name ko lagi ang username, without conflicts!!! Unless totohanin ni Mam Glo yung sinabi nya na pag nagkaanak sya, Marhgil din ipapangalan nya, para daw may kapareho na akong pangalan sa mundo. hehehe. Nalayo na ako sa topic. Masasabi ko lang, Go Google Go!!! Nang mabawasan kami ng gugulin. hehehe.

Note: if you want to know kung totoo ang mga pinagsasabi ko dito, e di iresearch nyo... tinatamad na akong maglagay ng link kung saan ko nabasa yang mga bagay na yan eh. Basta totoo yan! hehehe

A long busy day... and a long post too!!!

Gumising ng 8:00AM. Naligo, nagtoothbrush, nagbihis, tumawag ng taxi, pumasok sa office. Pagdating sa office, kinausap ang kasama kong pana, tinuruan sya magconvert ng voice files in batch run from 8000 sampling rate to 6000 sampling rate. Handa na sana magpunta sa BKME to do some testing, kaso, nakatanggap ng tawag si Boss. After the call, nilapitan nya ako, I have to go raw sa KFH Hawalli, may problema. Ang problema, may error daw sa credit card option ng telebanking. Sabi ko, nagsend ba ng logs? Hindi raw. Sabi ko, ok puntahan ko. Tumawag sa secretary, nagpaschedule ng kotseng maghahatid sa akin papunta sa KFH.

Pagdating sa KFH, nakita ko kaagad si Husam, ang friend kong taga KFH. Sabi ko, what's the problem? Nagtest daw sila sa development, wala daw credit card yung account na hawak nila, pero yung option for credit card ay ipiniplay ng system. Sabi ko, did you check your logs? Are you sure that account does not have credit card? Sagot nya, NO. Patay na, sabi nang icheck muna nila system nila bago ako tawagan, duda ko kasi, sila may problema. So, punta ako sa server room, chineck ko yung development server for THEIR logs. At nakita ko nga, ERROR IN CONNECTION. Sinave ko yung logs, kinuha ko yung trouble ticket, print yung logs, kumuha ng highlighter, at hinighlight ko yung error nila. Tapos nilagyan ko ng paliwanag, if the IVR is not sure whether the caller has credit card or not as in this case where your database connection is lost, IVR will play the credit card option to avoid callers with credit card complaining about it. It will play "Service temporarily unavailable" when caller select that option. Ayos ba English ko??? Hehehe. Tapos, stapler ko yung logs sa trouble ticket. Nilagyan ko ng malaking note sa harap ng trouble ticket. KFH DLL ERROR!!!

After that, may isa pang trouble ticket na ibinigay sa akin, wala daw Civil ID yung data na nareceive ng isang agent sa kanyang computer, pero may account number daw. As usual, kinuha ko yung KANILANG logs, at ipinakita ko na blangko yung Civil ID ng account number na yun. Print ko ulit yung logs at highlighted ulit yung error. Sabi ko,KFH DLL ERROR!!! the application will not display the civil id of the caller because YOUR DLL did not give the information to us. SEE ATTACHED LOGS! Then, nilagyan ko ng recommendation, stop opening ASSR regarding lost civil ID data, this is obviously your DLL problem, this already happened 3x, fix your DLL if you want civil id to appear always.

Ayos, tapos trabaho ko. Ala una y medya na nun, ng matapos lahat lahat. Bakit ka nyo ang tagal? E apat kasi yung servers namin, at bago ko makita yung logs, isa-isa kong hahanapan. Hindi kasi nila prinovide yung logs dun sa side nila para malaman ko kung saan mismong server makikita yung logs.

Sabi ko, tanghalian muna ako. Labas kami ni Zahid, yung isang taga ITS na kaibigan ko rin. At paglabas ko, hay, sobrang init. 46 degrees!!! Nagsaklob ako ng tuwalya, sobra talaga ang init, nakakahilo. Pagdating sa Indian restaurant, kain. Pagkakain, balik sa KFH. Tapos, tawag sa ITS. Pasundo sa kotse. Kailangan ko kasing bumalik sa ITS, may urgent meeting daw kasi with the General Manager ng 3:00PM. Dumating ako sa ITS, eksakto, 2:55:PM. Diretso sa table ko, nagsuklay ng konti, diretso na sa meeting room.

Haba ng meeting. Di ko na ididiscuss dito. Di ko kasi masyado naintindihan, English eh. :) Basta, natapos ang meeting, 6:30PM na. Pagkatapos nun, uwi na ako. Sumuno sa kotse ni Santaraj, kaibigan ko rin na sa same building na tinitirhan ko nakatira. 7th floor sya, sa 9th floor ako. Pagdating ng bahay, higa, pahinga. tulog.

8:30PM, Gumising, umorder ng pagkain, kumain. Nood TV, bukas internet. Make this post. And then, mamaya lang tutulog na ako. That's my day today. Last day in this week. Weekend kasi bukas dito! Thursday and Friday kasi ang walang pasok. Yahoo! Makakapahinga din.

What I learned today: Kahit ganito ang buhay ko, I should be thankful, kasi, sa opisina ako nagwowork. May aircon. Paano na kaya yung mga kababayan natin na sa labas nagtatrabaho? Yung mga kargador, karpintero? E ako nga, maglalakad lang sa labas para kumain, sumasakit ang ulo ko sa init. Paano kaya sila? Ang lalakas naman ng resistensya nila. Ang masasabi ko lang, sa mga kababayan kong may mga kamag-anak na nagtatrabaho sa Middle East, mahalin nyo sila. Napakahirap ng malayo sa pamilya. Napakalaki ng tinitiis na hirap nila dito, lalo na yung mga sa labas nagtatrabaho. Sana, pag-uwi nila, show them how much you appreciate the things they are doing for you.

Yun lang, naging preachy yata ako ngayon. :)


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A day not so good for me

Dahil siguro sa init kahapon, na pagpalipat-lipat namin from BKME to our office, hindi ako nakapasok ngayon. E paggising ko, grabe sakit ng ulo ko. Gustuhin ko mang bumangon para maligo, wala ako magawa. E pagbangon ko pa lang, parang matutumba na ako sa hilo. So, inihiga ko na lang at itinawag sa boss ko na hindi ako makakapasok. Bad trip nga ako eh, gusto ko pa namang itest yung ipinadala sa aking DLL ng boss ko sa Pinas. Hindi pa kasi yun tested at wala kaming environment para matest yun. Kanina sana, natest ko, kaso nga, walang choice.

Nung bandang tanghali, kahit medyo hilo pa, i tried na maglakad para tumawag sa phone at magpadeliver ng pagkain. Hindi ako gagaling at lalong sasakit ang ulo ko kung hindi ako kakain. Di ba? So, tumawag ako sa Pizza Hut at nagpadeliver ng Pizza. Nung makakain ako, medyo masakit pa rin ang ulo, nagpahinga lang ako at nahiga na ulit. At ngayon lang ulit ako nagising. Wala na ang sakit ng ulo, pero, gutom na ulit. So, tumawag na ulit ako sa phone, KFC naman. Tapos nag-online na ngayon.

Sa mga nakabasa ng last post ko sa dati kong diary, nagkakamali po kayo na kaya ako ay nahilo ay dahil sa kasama ko sa bahay. :) Anyways, hindi ko pa ulit sya nakikita, nung magising kasi ako, nakapasok na sya, at ngayon, mukhang dumating na sya pero nasa labas para kumain. Nag-iba kasi ang channel sa TV kaya alam ko na dumating na sya. :)

Sige, mamaya, darating na pagkain ko. Kakain, tutulog, at papasok na bukas. Ano ba talaga magandang vitamins na inumin sa panahong ito ng kainitan, kung saan katabi lang ata namin ang impiyerno?


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

My First Attempt in Blogging

well, well, well. Bale sinubukan ko lang itong blogging, mukhang mas maganda dun sa diary ko.Pede pa magpost ng pictures, etc. Pageexperimentuhan ko muna ito. Tyaga muna kayo kung medyo pangit pa ito.

yun lang muna