Sunday, July 10, 2005

smart roaming email exchange

i'm safely back in the Philippines... saka na ang kwento about immigration. hehehe.

regarding this incident, i sent an E-mail to Smart Customer Care, nakaCC yung NTC...

eto yun...

To whom it may concern:


Since when did you activate that Voice International Roaming Service? I was a frequent traveller and I used your SMS international roaming ever since. I was surprised yesterday that my phone rings, so I have to answer it, it was a client call from Kuwait. Now, I thought that it was all free and is part of your promotion until I found out in your website that incoming calls are charged Php50/minute!

What is this? You did not even sent us (international roamers) information that you activated the voice roaming for us and any incoming call will be charged 50pesos per minute! You should at least sent us SMS message about this.You cannot just activate a service without our knowledge and charge us for its usage immediately! This is illogical!!!

Hope NTC which is CCd here will do something about this.

Marhgil Macuha

kanina, I received a reply from them, at parang pinapalabas pa nila na nagrequest ako ng feature na yun! eto yung reply nila...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for letting us know of your concern.

We understand the importance of properly informing our subscribers of
new services. We understand how the situation may have caused alarm on
your part. Allow us then to shed some light on the matter.

Prepaid International Voice Roaming service was launched last June 29,
2005. On that day, subscribers were immediately notified through this
text broadcast:
First 160 char:
U can now make & receive voice calls! Txt VROAM to 333 &
receive d roaming menu. 2 call, select Smart Menu, Roaming Menu, Call,
Pbook, Name to call, Press Ok-

First 160 char:
U can now make & receive voice calls! Txt VROAM to 333 &
receive d roaming menu. 2 call, select Smart Menu, Roaming Menu, Call,
Pbook, Name to call, Press Ok--

Activation of the service for existing roaming subscribers is also
subscriber initiated. The command VROAM must be sent to 333 before the
system can activate the service. As such, the service would not get
activated unless the system receives a request from the subscriber or the

All call transactions, both incoming and outgoing, are indeed charged
to the roaming subscriber's account. Please refer below for the
different rates:

Php per minute Php per minute Php per 160characters

AFRICA 50 50 20
EUROPE 50 50 20
MIDDLE EAST 50 50 20
CANADA/USA 80 80 20
OTHERS 100 100 20
Note: For unsuccessful calls, a text notification is sent out to both
parties. For this completed transaction, roaming subscribers are
charged P20.00

We hope this has clarified your concern. Should you have further
inquiries or clarifications, feel free to e-mail us again.

Customer Care

sensya na kayo, di ko na naedit, anyway, nababasa naman, di ba? question to my readers who uses SMART... did you receive that text broadcast??? Ako, wala akong nareceive. Kayo, meron ba???

anyways, nagreply ulit ako... tingnan natin kung anong isasagot nila. eto reply ko...


These are all lies! It seems that you are implying that I requested for that feature. Can you show me a transaction log that I really requested for that feature???

FYI, I did not receive any such text broadcast last June 29. Maybe, you should check your systems. I asked my Smart user friends and they did not receive such message last June 29 too! Do you have records of all the numbers where you sent your text broadcast???

I left Philippines last June 30 and sent ROAM ON to 333 (I still have this on my sent items). I did not sent VROAM but you activated my voice roaming.

Your previous instructions on your website shows that to activate voice roaming, you have the same command, ROAM ON to 333, not VROAM. And now, that webpage is gone, it seems you felt that you did something wrong that you have to change the keyword???

I still believe that you activated the voice roaming feature without my knowledge and charge me for that call. I did NOT send VROAM! This is not correct and I should get a refund. Will you??

Anyways, I believe that I will not get a refund for this.But I just like you to know that this will not go unnoticed. You activated a feature which I did not request and charged me for it!!! This is wrong, this a fault in your system that you must change!

I hope NTC, and some columnists I cc'd here will do something about this. Don't activate any feature which your subscriber did not request, OK?

Marhgil Macuha

Note, I CC'd NTC, Ellen Tordesillas, Ducky Paredes and Randy David. hehehe. Tingnan natin kung pansinin ako ng mga ito. Sa di nakakaalam, si ellen and ducky are columnists sa abante, si randy david, sa inquirer, andun yung email add nila eh. hehehe

sige po, next time na ulit. bye!


Anonymous said...

batiin mo kami kapg nainterview ka n sa tv... --penoycentral

Anonymous said...

last monday eh galing me smart, pina activate ko yung roaming ng tatay, sabi sa akin eh sir if you want pwede nyo rin po ipa activate yung VROAM daw para pwede cia matwgn..kako wag na lang, optional namn eh....
then e2 viaje me balik d2 sa di ako nakapag roaming kc below 100 na load ko nung nsa airport..kya pina activate ko na lang sa sm batangas ulit na smart...aba nagulat ako pag dating ko d2 eh may ntwg sa cell ko na from batangas...meaning inactivate din nila yung vroam ko without my knowldge and nagyon ko lang na notice kya pala biglang baba ng aking load eh ganun ang nangyare....

kukote said...

hmmm, hindi lang pala ako ang biktima. parang kilala kita, di ba ikaw si owen??