Friday, July 30, 2004

kukote reloaded

too busy these past few days... lots of turnover activities. so many things to learn, so many things to study... i think, i need to upgrade my kukote to cope up with all of these...

i'm going back to Batangas early tomorrow to attend my cousin's wedding. i'L be marrying someone soon... before I die. :) seriously... no plans yet... not at this point in my life where I am still enjoying my singlehood. :)

though i don't personally like Mirriam Defensor... these past few days... i appreciate her courage to tell the whole Philippines how much senators are getting from the government, and of course, from the tax we are paying. i hope... her move to oblige the senators to show where these money are going will come to reality... at least.. we know where our tax is going.

what else? I just want to let ITS know that I hope... they study Professionalism 101. They don't reply to my mails, and it seems that they have no plans of paying me for the 1-Month service that I offered. My God, the God of INC will teach them a lesson if they continue this wrongdoing.

That's all. God bless everyone. Happy weekend!

Monday, July 26, 2004

random thoughts

just finished my dinner at mcdonalds... catch some cold viruses outside, and now im sneezing. haaachu!!! i met penoy of this morning... we rode the same jeepney... i barely recognized him... he is already long-haired. we just say hi... got no time to talk...

last saturday... i paid PHP 21,668 as initial payment for my 20-year insurance plan at cocolife. now i am insured... if I die... my benificiaries will cry and afterwards... will be happy for the money they will get.. hehehehe. it also have some accident insurance in case i forgot to fasten my seatbelt and the car bumps into something harder than my head...

last sunday, we had our thanksgiving on the church... for the 90th anniversary of INC's reemergence. to all my brothers and sisters in Christ... Happy 90th anniversary!!!

what else? i just want to explain why I walk this way... because... if I don't walk this way... i am not Marhgil. that's my identity... i tried to remove it from myself... since childhood... i was trying to walk properly... but it keeps on moving that way.... what can I do?? so, i just accepted it, that as the sun always rise from the east... so as marhgil will always walk that way... anyway... it's not my problem anymore... i am not working as a fashion model that I have to teach myself to work properly... it is me... my ability... my knowledge that makes me earn something for myself...

that's all folks!

Friday, July 23, 2004

happy birthday

Today is the 2nd birthday of my niece... Happy Birthday Harrieth!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

formula for success

what can I say? yesterday is my father's birthday and tomorrow will be my niece's birthday, and between those dates... which is today... i was informed that i was promoted... instead of doing codes for most of my time, i will be handling projects now, communicate with client, and supervise my subordinates. huh!... this is really a great day to celebrate and to thank God... on Sunday will be our Thanksgiving for the 90th anniversary of our church... a great day to offer Him all my thanks for the success I am getting on my carreer right now.

i still remember Noli de Castro's answer to Korina's interview..."What is the secret of your success?"... His answer... "Sipag, tyaga at swerte." (industry, patience, good luck)  I think he is right... no matter how industrious or patient you are... but without the good luck... you'll not succeed. And how will you get the good luck??? This is something beyond our control... but there is Someone who can control that, GOD.  So... Manuel Villar's ST (Sipag at Tyaga)  campaign is not enough. ST with prayer must be the correct formula to succeed in life.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

without him...

without him, marhgil will not exist, this blog will not exist and you will not be reading this right now. he funded my education, my food, my shelter, everything. i will not be who i am today if it is not for him. because of this, today on his birthday, I would like to greet him.. "Happy Birthday Tatay!!!" Thanks for everything.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

unlucky but lucky

now... angelo de la cruz is free. i can call him now as the unlucky yet lucky guy in the Philippines.  Ang mamang malas na, ay swinerte pa. But if you'll ask me, I still don't want to be in his shoes. I heard GMA's speech... she said that she has no regret for her decision. That's good. I think, it's time for Filipinos to unite for a common good. Wala nakong masabi... tomorrow, I promise.. iL have a long post... topic.... bukas nyo na lang malalaman...

Monday, July 19, 2004

sneezy weekend

my weekend was really bad. got colds, with runny nose... sneezing the whole day, even my eyes were irritated. Huh!! Neozep and Neozone really helped me feel better now.
got my pending checks on first quadrant... just some small amount.  Got to encash it tomorrow in I-bank. I still need to regain strength and start my network again.
got to sleep early tonight.
that's all for now...

Friday, July 16, 2004

Hostage crisis

The hostage crisis that the Philippine government faced these past few days is really a headliner, you can read it on the newspaper, see it on TV, read it on the net.  And I really appreciate GMA's decision to pull out the troops in Iraq to save the life of Angelo de la Cruz. All I can say to America... life is more precious and more important than our relationship with you! Philippines should not be afraid if America withdraw its support to us. We are Filipinos, I believe that we can survive without America.
Just a thought, what if... the hostage taker of Angelo de la Cruz demanded that GMA should step down from the presidency to give way for FPJ? Will she give in? Hehehehe. Or... let's make it lighter... they demanded to open the certificate of canvass. Will she give in?
I think, Pangilinan will just say... "Ok... it is Noted!" Hahahaha!!!


I woke up early this morning with a pain on my right leg... cramps! Remembering what my father told me, I immediately stand up and tried to stretch my leg. I was successful and the pain vanished after around 5 minutes, thanks to my friend Allan, he was there to help me. Huh!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


i learned how to setup dhcp! downloaded some tutorial on cisco call manager, c++ training materials... and listened to MP3s the whole day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

what happened??

huh! long time no post! to those who are waiting for some news on what happened on me on Davao... well, the waiting is over.

Here is what happened... I met her... and we live the most memorable 3 days of our lives. Went to jack's ridge to view davao... ate at kuya ed's restaurant... where the most delicious buko pandan is being served (hehehe)... ate at chicken house for some grilled chicken... (where i noticed that the restaurant just beside it says "ituro mo... iluto ko")... i have tasted for the first time the famous durian of davao... (though i cannot take it without a coke)... bought some pasalubong at sm city davao... met her parents... watched Maala-ala mo kaya's "guhit".. where i can't understand why Hero is projected as being so poor but can afford to pay their telephone bills and let their electricity being cut...

that's all... i'L update my photo album later this week...

i would also like to take this opportunity to thank diavox for giving me a salary increase... thanks a lot... sir ramon! and to ITS-Kuwait... you still owe me 1 month... my bank account is waiting......

now i'm learning new things.... new technologies... new knowledge... and probably... more projects in the future.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

davao,davao... here I come!!!

I'm going to Davao tomorrow!!! Why? To meet someone so special to me, someone who I love, someone who'll be my wife soon. :)

Special thanks to my friend Ronwaldo Duag, for making this plan of mine a reality. I hope, the weather is fine tomorrow.

Please note that I am on vacation leave tomorrow and all your emails will be read only on Monday when I come back. This blog will be updated again on Monday, iL free myself from the Internet these coming 5 days.

That's all for now.

Monday, July 05, 2004

There is no place like home

arrived safely last July 2 at 4:00PM at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. I have so many pictures to share... iL update you when I already posted it on my Photo Album.

I decided not to connect to the internet for the last two days... Saturday and Sunday... to give myself a break... a life away from work.

There really is no place like home. It is good to be back!!!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Mission Accomplished!

Before I go tonight, let me post here the things that I will never forget here in Kuwait.

1. KFC Jaguar Promotion I almost win the jaguar! But I did not. :)
2. Filipinos in Burger King They gave me free apple pie!
3. Bus No. 16 or 17 A nice option if I am running out of fulos!
4. Makati Manila Taxi When I call them, they already know where I am, they will just say "Kabayan, 5 minutes." and hang-up.
5. Pizza Hut Delivery One of my food sources for dinner.
6. Chicken Tikka Delivery One of my food sources for dinner too.
7. KFC Delivery Another food source. :)
8. Calicut Restaurant I love their Chicken Biryani!!!
9. Everyday Birthday This is one of the nicest thing that happened in KFH.
10. Ocean Taxi The lady radio operator has strong accent!(Bisaya). My back-up if Makati Taxi is not available.

Influential People I met (in ramdom order) :)
At work...
Kashif, Zahid, Ravi, Sazzad, Sheejan, Fernan, Mang Gerry, Avinash, Ahmed Ali, Hatem, Santhosh, Sivaraman, Shabrawi, Riaz, Shantaraj, Rami, Nabeel, Yaqoub, Siham, Geraldine, Mostafa, Rafi, Thanveer, Nasser, Omar, Hani

Husam, Anas, Ahmed, Mohammed Quenai and with full respect to Khalid Mekkaoui

who else?? but my Kabayan... Benny (ang ganda ng bahay mo!)

In the Church...
Abi, Ann, Mina, Ka Mario, Ka Rey, Ka Jeanette, Ka Joel, Ka Nick, Ka Rading

Another chapter in my life has ended... when I get back to Diavox, I can proudly say to them "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"