Monday, September 20, 2004

name game

what's wrong with name? why is it usually misspelled? Our company recently required us to apply for an ATM card on Bank of Commerce, because we are going to receive our salary there. I consistently spelled my name correctly on the application forms...
M-A-R-H-G-I-L... and I can't understand why they insist on what they want and not what is written. I have to require them to give me a new ATM card with the correct spelling. This is already a normal scenario to me, my name being misspelled. Philamcare also misspelled my name. And just the same, they have to replace the card they gave me. Even my brothers, classmates, teachers, students and friends are not sure of the correct spelling of my name. Only my parents and my girlfriend know and are sure of the spelling of my name.

By the way, I am the only one who has this name. Try searching on and all the search results pertains to me.

That's all folks.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

im feeling lucky

i just found out na when you search on google for "kukote"... this blog will be the first on the search list... hehehehe. so if you search for "kukote" and you click "Im feeling lucky.", this blog will be the one to appear. Baka isipin nyo... ito lang ang website na may "kukote"... ang dami a... pero bakit ito ang first on the search list... secret... hahahahaha.

long time no post

medyo matagal din akong hindi nakapagpost... sobrang busy sa work. ngayon, nakasilip ng konting oras. ano bang bago? well, today, sept 16, i was officially informed by our manager that i am promoted to a new position... anong position? saka na lang pag kumpleto na yung papers para di maunsyami. hehehe.

wala na akong masabi... isa lang pala... batiin ko muna yung mahal ko... mukhang nagtatampo yata dahil di ko nababanggit sa blog ko. :) hello mahal! mahal na mahal kita!!! hintay mo ko jan.. :)

sa lahat ng nakakabasa nito na naghahanap ng work.. hiring sa amin ngayon.... nakapost sa jobsdb yung qualification... search nyo na lang.

yun lang po.

Friday, September 03, 2004

busy week

this week was a busy week. di na nga makapagblog eh. sige.. next week na ulit.