Friday, June 03, 2005


now, let me center my discussion on death. they said that it is the ultimate equalizer. rich or poor, famous or unknown, everyone will die. but do you believe that God already planned when are we going to die? others say that if it is already your time, then, there is nothing you can do. just like when the pope died, the whole catholic world prayed for his recovery, but nothing happened. when God wants you, He will take you when it is the right time. the problem is that we don't know exactly when we are going to die. even a healthy person cannot assure that he will live longer. there are many causes of death. the problem is that we only live once, unlike in video games where a person can have 3 lives, here, once you are dead, then you are gone forever. you cannot do anything once you are dead, all your plans are gone, everything. you cannot correct the mistakes you made when you were still alive. you cannot let others feel the love you have for them when you are already dead. that hidden desire will forever be hidden if you died. so, before anything else happened, before your death comes, correct every mistakes you made and love the persons you love with all your heart. and it should be done immediately, imagine everyday as your last day on earth, because we really don't know when death will come, unless this site is accurate.

that's all folks!

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