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The Roles of Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix and NetApp Consulting Services

by: Shannon Margolis

Existing IT consulting services are extremely varied and account for both the basics and subtleties of proper business management, as well as business solution development and implementation using advanced technology ? competitive software tools and programming languages from renowned IT technology suppliers. A solid IT consulting company can provide clients with efficient solutions to a wide range of IT problems. By hiring the services of a prominent, dedicated and experienced IT consulting company, business owners will have access to a multitude of high-quality Microsoft, Network Appliance, Citrix and Cisco solutions and will be provided with support in implementing such solutions.

Microsoft Consulting ? Microsoft consulting services account for custom development of Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, as well as competitive BizTalk deployment solutions. Efficient Microsoft CRM consulting is designed to deliver top quality CRM functionality solutions to companies of all sizes, providing support for topical issues such as: deployments in multi-server environments, efficient program upgrades (from previous versions of Microsoft CRM to Microsoft CRM 3.0), integration with Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, data migrations from Siebel, GoldMine and ACT!, as well as extensive customization of CRM 3.0 features. Efficient Microsoft CRM consulting should account for both conceptual aspects (underlying business processes and data sources crucial for achieving successful Customer Relationship Management) and practical aspects of CRM (installation and customization of CRM 3.0).

As well as Microsoft CRM consulting, Microsoft BizTalk Server consulting is suitable for clients in financial services, transportation, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and online retailing industries. Efficient Microsoft BizTalk consulting solutions should account for the following aspects: BizTalk Server architecture and development, custom .NET components, solutions for migrating BizTalk Server versions 2002 and 2004 implementations to BizTalk Server 2006, BizTalk clustering for load balancing and failover, CRM 3.0 integration and connectors, as well as HIPAA, HL7, EDI mapping and message transformations.

Citrix Consulting ? Efficient Citrix consulting services account are aimed at developing high-quality business solutions using Citrix technologies. Citrix consulting services should provide clients with advanced support regarding the use of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server, as well as various Access Suite products. Clients who hire Citrix consulting services should also receive support on issues such as Citrix Architecture and Integration.

Cisco Consulting ? Competitive Cisco consulting services should provide clients with proper support regarding Cisco VOIP (voice over IP ? refers to methods of carrying phone calls over an IP data network). Cisco consulting services account for issues with designing, deploying converged networks capable of handling voice, video and data traffic simultaneously while maintaining high levels of network availability, QoS and security. Clients who hire Cisco consulting services will be provided with support in using IP telephony (comprises the telephony enabled by VOIP and services such as billing and dialing plans, conferencing, transfer and hold) and IP communications (encompass business applications that enable unified messaging, integrated contact centers and rich-media conferencing using voice, data and video).

NetApp Consulting ? NetApp consulting services should for general aspects of NetApp technologies, the design and implementation of NetApp solutions, as well as development and implementation of Storage solutions. NetApp consulting services provide support for a multitude of issues, such as: optimization of Microsoft Exchange in a NetApp storage environment, Data ONTAP CIFS, NFS, SAN administration, Microsoft clustering with SnapDrive and so on.

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