Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ituloy angSulong sa Pag-iingat sa Halloween

Ang post na ito ay ninenok ko sa articlecity. ito ay para sa ating kaligtasan, ituloy angsulong sa pag-iingat sa darating na halloween!

Halloween Safety For Your Family
by: Ralph Winn

Ghosts and ghouls will be about this October 31. But you must protect your little goblins from the real dangers that are out there on Halloween. Keep your kids safe and your holiday fun with these Halloween safety tips.

Halloween Safety Tip #1: See and Be Seen

It?s usually dark when kids go trick or treating, and in their costumes, they can be very hard for drivers to see. Your kids will be crossing the street and walking along the sidewalk, so keep them safe from traffic by making sure they are clearly visible to drivers. You can do this in two ways. One, keep their costumes light. Dress them in light colors like white, or orange, or yellow. However, this only works for kids dressed as ghosts, pumpkins, or bananas. You can also outfit your child with a reflective vest or tape that will light up in drivers? headlights. Make sure your children won?t be left in the dark - keep the little monsters visible.

Halloween Safety Tip #2: Arm Against Animals

Your neighborhood is probably full of pets, raccoons, badgers, and opossums. Protect your children from loose dogs or angry raccoons with animal repellant. Security Stores sells canine repellant that will fend off smaller animals and even stronger bear repellant that will get the big guys.

Halloween Safety Tip #3: Arm Against Bad Guys

Dogs and bears aren?t the only living danger children can run into. When it comes to Halloween safety, protecting your child from people who mean to do harm to them is parents? number one concern. We sell pepper sprays that can effectively disarm a criminal and give your child time to run and scream for help.

Halloween Safety Tip #4: Make Some Noise

Personal safety alarms will draw attention to your child?s situation immediately. If a stranger approaches and tries to attack your child, they can set off their personal safety alarm, which will emit a high pitched siren to call for help. Often, the criminal will run away.

Halloween Safety Tip #5: Go Along for the Fun

The best way to protect your kids during Halloween trick-or-treating is to accompany them on the adventure. Younger children should always be supervised by an adult, and older kids, though they may not want a parent tagging along, will be safer with mom or dad around. You don?t have to ring to the doorbell for them. You can just hang back a little and observe, increasing the Halloween safety of your children.

Halloween Safety Tip #6: Examine Before You Eat

Your Halloween safety vigilance doesn?t end when you get home. Before your children eat any of their treats, inspect the candy for anything that looks suspicious. Homemade candies, though they can be a thoughtful effort by a well-meaning neighbor, are dangerous because you don?t know what is in them. The same goes for unwrapped candies - they may have been tampered with. Once you have confirmed that your child?s candy is safe, then you can let them go nuts. You?ll feel better knowing that all they?ll get is a bit hyper and maybe a sick tummy.

Halloween safety should be your number one concern this Halloween, but once that?s taken care of, you and your family can have a spooky, scary, fun holiday filled with all the treats - and none of the tricks.

About The Author
Ralph Winn has over 32 years of experience in the security industry. Throughout his career, he has developed cost effective security programs for numerous small, medium, large commercial and government properties and for many nationally known corporations. http://www.homesecuritystore.com.

This article was posted on October 17, 2006

ituloy angsulong sa pag-iingat! mag-ingat tayong lahat! ituloy angsulong! ituloy!

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