Friday, October 06, 2006

10 Things That Make Bloggers Angry

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Pitching Bloggers: 10 Things That Make Bloggers Angry
by: Patsi Krakoff, Psy.D. and Denise Wakeman

If you have a product, book or service you want people to know about, pitch bloggers!. They know how to create buzz, especially about cutting-edge stuff. Bloggers pride themselves on knowing who is doing what, and love to be first to post about new ideas, products and events.

In fact, some publicists and PR professionals are now going straight to bloggers instead of to journalists for creating media attention. Several books were launched into best seller status before they were published because review copies were sent out to leading bloggers: Freakonomics and Call to Action are prime examples. These books got plenty of buzz on the Web from bloggers with huge audiences, and others blogs linked to them: the news spread like wildfire.

But don't make mistakes when you try to pitch bloggers or your publicity explosion will burst in your face. When bloggers get angry they will not quietly toss your product or book into the round file. They will tell everyone what they didn't like and what you did wrong.

Here are 10 things that make bloggers angry when you try to pitch them:

1. Not spelling the blogger's name right

2. Not understanding the blog's purpose or niche

3. Not understanding the blogger's attitude about being pitched

4. Telling them that they should print your info; telling them that their readers will want to read about your product, book or service

5. Blatant product pitches in the blog's comment section

6. Information that's of no use, irrelevant, and uninteresting to their audience,

7. Repeated pitches after they've told you they aren't interested

8. A cookie-cutter bulk email sent to a long list of bloggers with no personalization

9. Sending attachments of any kind, and not including any links about the item

10. Posting irrelevant and condescending comments on their blog

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