Thursday, October 26, 2006

MySpace Layouts ? Ease Of Use

by: Magalie Noel Dresse

MySpace has become, by far, one of the most popular social interactive sites on the Internet. Now, people from all over are registering with the service and creating profiles and pages to display their talents, skills, and any personal information they wish to share about themselves with others. It has also become a popular place for people to meet, chat, and share opinions and ideas. Something that adds to its popularity is the ease with which profiles and pages can be created.

In the early days of the public?s use of the Internet, many people who created their own web pages had to learn the HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language code that is necessary to create a site. While this is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, it does take time and understanding of what is happening on the screen and in the computer. It does, however, give users full control over what goes on their pages and how that information is displayed, and is still preferred by many business owners and serious web developers whose sites are designed to attract customers and sell products or services. As with everything else, the pace of the world wide web has increased, and so have the lives of many people. Now, it seems everyone is looking for the immediate solution, and MySpace has helped to provide just that.

For those wanting to create a personal page, or just wanting to add information about their band, films, or other talents to the social interaction, MySpace is equipped with the tools and features to do just that. There are many layouts from which to choose, and, perhaps the best part is, that it isn?t necessary to actually the HTML code in order to create a page.

While many web building sites have been established over the past several years that make creating a web site quick and easy, few are as thorough and web-friendly as the MySpace site. Add to that the advantages that having many people see and access each site everyday, and it makes MySpace the obvious solution.

There are many ways to create a profile and various features that can be added to it once it is established. There are many fonts and colors to choose from, and several ways of arranging text, graphics, and other items on each page. MySpace also allows users to modify their pages. Although JavaScript is not allowed, HTML and XHTML, along with CSS can be used to change the vast majority of the profile to the preference of the user.

Users also have the option of adding embedded music into the site so that users will hear a particular song when they first enter the profile. This is done by a service called MySpace Music, which allows bands to post songs onto their respective profiles. Here, videos, and any other related content can be added as long as it is allowed. It?s all about true customization, and MySpace is that at its finest.

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