Monday, February 05, 2007

Ituloy Angsulong Laban Sa Mga Holdaper Sa Taxi

Natanggap ko ang e-mail na ito kaninang umaga. And since kami ay sa Makati nakikitira, medyo kinabahan tuloy akong magtaxi-taxi ngayon. Magdyip na lang tayo, 7 pesos lang. Huwag lang kayo magpapadura. Hehehe.

dear friends,

i just met with a friend yesterday who had just emerged from a 9-hour ordeal. he was kidnapped in the heart of the makati business district!

around noon the day before, he emerged from lpl towers on leviste st., salcedo village to go to a lunch meeting in pasong tamo. he decided not to take his car because parking in makati can be a hassle. talking on the phone, he hopped into the first available cab.

later he realized the cab was taking a route that was unusual. he called the driver's attention to this but was ignored. the cab entered into urban road, the road by urban bank which is parallel to buendia.

it stopped and three other men got in. he tried to struggle but they stabbed his wrist which of course bled profusely. when he heard the sound of a gun being cocked, he stopped struggling and gave in to all their demands. they had him withdraw from all four bank accounts, took his cel phone and palm pilot and dropped him off in cavite somewhere near trece martires. the motorists ignored him as he tried to flag them down but he was finally able to make it back to makati somehow.

he reported the incident to the makati police and was told that it was the third such incident in the week. one happened to a student who got a cab in rockwell, the other to a citibank female executive who was taking a cab from paseo de roxas to glorietta but ended up in cavite. the cabs were stolen. i assume all targets were well-dressed (my friend was in coat and tie) and upwardly-mobile looking. where hapless expats and tourist used to be the victims of similar crimes, young executives and students are now the new targets. the please warn your friends to be careful about taxicabs especially in the makati district. perhaps the best way to take a taxi would be in the queues where they hand you a piece of paper with all the taxi info and the ltfrb number, or to call for one from a reputable cab company such as golden or r & e.


I don't know if the incident is true, pero mabuti na yung nag-iingat. Kung sasakay ng taxi, iwasan ang pagkakaroon ng mayaman look. Mas magaling na yung walang pera look, para hindi ka maging biktima ng mga kawatang ito. Ok lang siguro magcoat and tie, basta magbitbit ka ng resume, para kunwari, aplikante ka at wala ka pang pera. hehehe.

mag-ingat po tayo! isuplong sa pulis ang mga kawatang ito. ituloy angsulong laban sa mga kawatan. ituloy ang sulong laban sa mga kriminal. ituloy!

hmm, malapit na talaga ang election.


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