Wednesday, February 14, 2007

9/11 Conspiracy Theory

What really happened that day? Did the terrorists really attack USA? Or is it really a self-inflicted wound? Meron nga bang conspiracy? After watching these videos, ang dami ko tuloy tanong.

Loose Change Part 1

Loose Change Part 2

Loose Change Part 3

The CNN Talks About The Video

Kayo? Ano sa tingin nyo? Ituloy Angsulong laban sa mga totoong terorista!

Yun lang!

Loose Change Videos Uploaded on Youtube by Randombsnet
CNN Video Uploaded on Youtube by Upl0ader

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Benj Arriola said...

I used to sell the whole Loose Change 911 video until the lawyers tols me I can't sell it. I can only give it away for free. So ayun, concentrate na lang ako sa Ituloy Angsulong ko. :)