Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the good samaritan law

one of the best episodes sa love story in harvard ang napanood ko kagabi. that is when dustin defended allison on the disciplinary committee. here is a transcript of his speech na inextract ko sa youtube.. hehehe.
"There is a law called The Good Samaritan Law. The person provided emergency treatment should be protected by the law. No matter how the result turns out to be when the treatment was given in a clear intention to save the life without asking for any compensation at an urgent situation. On the day of the incident, when the patient collapsed, Allison performed the treatment being well aware of the problem it will cause. Knowing this will bring a great disadvantage on her side. Doing exactly what one believes in... sometimes, it might seems foolish yet not everyone can do this, i'll dare to call this courage. See, Allison's treatment was given out of courage, considering other's welfare first even before her own. Her action should be protected by the Good Samaritan Law."
other quotable quotes...

from professor keynes.. "What is law? Law is the effort of humanity to create principles. So it is difficult to find law that applies to every situation. Focus on principles, not cases..." sinabi nya ito matapos isoli ni Dustin yung libro dahil wala syang makitang kaso na related doon sa kaso ni allison.

i also like this part... ang depensa ni allison sa sarili nya.
Disciplinary Commitee: What will you do if the same situation presented itself again? Answer me please.

Allison: I will still perform the same procedure if I were in the same situation.

Disciplinary Commitee: Then you are saying you have no regrets at all?

Allison: I feel sorry for the concerns that I have caused my professors. But the value of human life is most important to me. I have no doubts that I will do whatever it takes to preserve life.
ang sama palang mag-english ni dustin, kaya pala kahit english na yung usapan ay dubbed pa rin at hindi yung original na boses ang ginamit. panoorin nyo yung episode kagabi dito.

yun lang!


jamie said...

wow!!! parang ni-review mo ako sa nursing ethics. the good samaritan law! LOL salamat! tama ka nga sa tinext mo ano; may matututunan pala ako at mabilis makabisado kapag sa blog nababasa... hihi hay nakooo ... one more test to go kapatid

hay nako bakit ganon hindi ko ma-play ang music. huhuhu i dont have that plug in daw? whathe????!!! tsk!

yen said...

naalala ko pa yang scene na yan e ung dvd ko nga korean talaga pro yang part na yan syempre english nga siya, kc nagdedebate sila pero mas binasa ko na lang yung sub-title kc mas lalu akong naguluhan sa dialogue nila haha.