Tuesday, May 24, 2005

absent and english

i was absent yesterday and i was very glad to see that i got 30+ unique hits yesterday. this means that some of you are checking my blog even if i am offline on yahoo (i usually put the link on my yahoo status).. reason why i'm absent... diabetes. my blood sugar rose up again on a level my body cannot tolerate, causing dizziness on me. two tablets of medicine fixed the problem and i was able to drive to manila on the afternoon.

like what i have said before, we should understand and accept the things that we cannot change. that is true for me, i have already accepted the fact that diabetes is incurable, it will haunt me for the rest of my life. the only way for me to live is to accept it and control my blood sugar. sugar-less diet and a couple of medicines on my wallet, this is how i live now. i cannot eat the foods that i usually eat before. i still eat chocolates and ice cream moderately, maybe, once a month or once every two months. i only drink sugar-free softdrinks, but i avoid them as much as possible. i replaced softdrinks with C2, though its ingredients list indicates that it also contains sugar. One of the requirements for a diabetic to have a longer life is to have a regular exercise. This is my problem, i am the kind of person who hates perspiring. But still, i have to accept it so that i could extend my life a little longer. Plans of enrolling into a fitness gym always come across my mind, i have the budget but i don't have the time. Maybe, if someone will accompany me, i will try it. I still need to commit myself to this kind of activity, anyway, it is for my own good.

an english post... you are probably wondering why? well, our COO is checking our weekly status reports for grammatical errors, this is just one way to practice. comments.. anyone? how's my english???

that's all folks! now.. back to work.

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