Monday, June 14, 2004

spymac, english posts, deployment

Is it the yahoogroups who is not sending me the e-mail updates, or is it that is blocking it?? I diverted all my yahoogroups' messages to this e-mail account and I am not getting any update. What is the use of a 1GB account if you cannot use it in your mailing list? Maybe, that is what the old saying goes... "That is what you get for what you pay for." Since, I did not pay anything, I got nothing. :)

Maybe, some of you are wondering why I suddenly switched to English posts? I just want to broaden my viewers. Many of my officemates here in Kuwait know about this site, but they are complaining they cannot understand anything. Hehehe. I will still use our national language, in some instances na naubusan na ako ng English. Kagaya ngayon. Hehehe.

It is around 9:30PM here, and in 1 hour, I will be in our client to deploy some changes on our IVR application. We cannot deploy during daytime because it is a live system.We can update only during off-peak hours.

Got to have some shower... call a taxi and go there. Tomorrow, I'll come to office at 10:00AM :)

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