Friday, June 18, 2004

My visit to Qatar

I went to Qatar yesterday and came back here in Kuwait on the same day. This was done to renew my visa here in Kuwait. What was odd yesterday was that I went and came back here in Kuwait on the same airplane, with the same crew, and worst of all, same food. :( I got trouble passing the airport security in Qatar. I set aside my cellphone and my watch before passing there. But their metal detector kept on buzzing, that I have to remove even my shoes just to pass there (but my shoes does not have a metal on it!). I stayed at Qatar airport for two hours, just sitting there waiting for the next flight. I just played chess on my cellphone just to kill the boredom. Now, I'm back in Kuwait, received an e-mail from our company President and it looked like that I will just be staying here for a week and go back to Philippines for another important project.

Site of the day: If you have Nokia 6600 and looking for a free theme downloads, visit this site.

Thought for the day: "You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you cannot pick your friend's nose!" (I heard this from the FM station played on the taxi as I went back home yesterday.)

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