Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i'm going home... but when?

It is confirmed, i'm going back to Philippines. But when? Up to now, i don't have a confirmed flight schedule. The secretary who is doing all his best to get me the earliest flight possible is having a difficulty getting a flight schedule. he said that it is a peak season and all flight schedule are fully booked. I wonder, what's with the Philippines? why do all of them wanted to go there that I cannot get my flight schedule easily? is it because of the inauguration? or just that they want to escape the summer heat, "hellish" heat here in Kuwait?

The world in my apartment. First... it was Indian. Then, a Lebanese came. Then, an Egyptian. And now... I am living with a Pakistani. Now, the world is seeing how messy marhgil is. :) Well, they all gave the same remarks. Bachelor's room are all the same... messy :)

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