Thursday, June 17, 2004

ang kandila

A thought just struck my Kukote. I want to write a poem. But I don't have the talent to write one. Then, I remember my Uncle's poem. I don't know if he is the author of this poem, or he must have heard it also from others, but it's quite funny, I want to share it with you. To those who don't understand tagalog, sorry guys but I can't translate it for you. Try this site if you want to translate it. Translate at your own risk. I have tested it and it did not pass my standards. :) Here is the poem:

Ang Kandila

Ang kandilang laking laki, habang haba'y tumutulo
Tumutulo ang kandilang, habang haba'y laking laki
Laking laki ng kandilang habang haba'y tumutulo
Ang kandilang tumutulo'y habang haba'y laking laki

Habang haba'y tumutulo ang kandilang laking laki
Laking laki ng kandilang tumutulong habang haba
Ang kandilang habang haba, laking laki'y tumutulo
Ang laking laki't habang haba, na kandila'y tumutulo

Kayo na ang magtuloy... :)

I don't know who the real author of this poem is. But if you are the one, contact me so that I can give you the credits. Hehehe.

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