Thursday, June 24, 2004

Rebooting... testing... going home

Reboot fix 90% of your problems in your PC. That's what they say. And I recently found out that it is not only applicable to computers! Why? I got a problem a week ago, where the TV reception in the apartment was so bad. All channels were affected, and since this is through sattelite, Hani tried everything he knows on troubleshooting to fix it because he wanted to watch football game. He checked the cables, went at the rooftop to see the connection to the satellite dish, but to no avail. The reception is the same, blurred. Then a thought on my Kukote... why don't we reboot?? What do I mean? Unplug the TV and the sattelite receiver and turn it on again! So, we did it! And we are really shocked that it solved the problem!!! Hani said that maybe, there are some noise on the satellite receiver, that even turning it off through the remote control will not remove it since there is still power inside it. Unplugging it totally remove all these noise, that's why when we plugged it again, it solves the problem. So, next time that you are having trouble with you electronic equipment that is not being unplugged for a long time... try rebooting it! It works for us... it might work for you as well. :)

What else? Ahh... I went to KFH site last night to do some tests, but no KFH representative came. We waited for 30 minutes, called them many times but they are not answering the phone. So, we left the place without testing. These guys are really professional. :)

Lastly... i got a Disengage Order from our company's president. I was ordered to disengage from the BKME project and book myself to Manila ASAP. Reason? Confidential. :) So, I'll be in Manila probably next week depending on the flight schedule availability. Im going home!!!!

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