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Sunday, June 13, 2004

by kukote

If your file is too big to send in an email (like logs, video clips, mp3s, etc...), use The recipient will not receive the file as attachment, instead, he will receive a link for him to download the file. The maximum file size to share is 1GB!!! And it is free of charge. I tested it and it is working fine. It even works with multiple e-mail recipient.

Just a bit of information from me. i'L add this site on my Links on the side bar for your reference. :)

posted by Marhgil, 5:19:00 PM

3 komento:

Salamat sa suggested link. I've been searching for a solution like this recently.
ang sabi ni Anonymous Anonymous, 18/6/04 4:08 PM  

You're welcome. It's nice to hear that I helped someone on the net. Thanks for the comment. ;)
ang sabi ni Blogger kukote, 18/6/04 6:24 PM  

hmm thanks for this info...
ang sabi ni Anonymous Anonymous, 16/9/04 10:16 PM  

isulat ang iyong gustong sabihin

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