Thursday, April 07, 2005


Someone tried to chat with me today, obviously, nanggugudtime lang... sayang at natapos agad ang conversation namin, tinitrace ko pa naman kung anong IP address nya. unknown to her (or him?), everything is logged... here it goes...

shellykenro* (i changed the yahoo id) :hi
marhgil : hu u?
marhgil : who are u?
shellykenro* : ang tapang naman ng ? mo..nakakaintimidate agad
shellykenro* : asl pls
marhgil : who gave you my yahoo id?
shellykenro* : my cuz. know her
shellykenro* : actually she did not give it to me..i got it from her secretly so hushh ok
marhgil : ok
marhgil : cno cuz mo?
shellykenro* : ***** (name removed)...there i said it. i trust you wont tell her ok
marhgil : and ur real name?
shellykenro* : obvious naman sa ym id ko diba? like yours its very obvious marhgil is your name, ayt?
marhgil : ok,ok
shellykenro* : u bz?
marhgil : kelan kp nagyym?
shellykenro* : just now..ive been using messenger ever since
marhgil : using ym since when?
shellykenro* : i've told you already, just now!!!
shellykenro* : tell me something bout yourself
marhgil : sorry but i don't talk to strangers...
shellykenro* : ok fine...your so arrogant and my cuz even told me your sweet and all (arrogant daw, tapos... nambola pa???)
marhgil : tell her to personally introduce me to you and we'll talk
marhgil : offline kasi yung isang dakilang manloloko sa chat... feeling ko, ginugudtym ako (i remember the smooth palms story... hi bj!!)
shellykenro* : much air in your head, no need with your attitude i don't think i even want to meet you bye!
marhgil : ok fine... bye

yun lang

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