Wednesday, December 29, 2004

2004 rewind

this will be my last blog for 2004, i am going back to batangas tomorrow and i will refrain myself from accessing the internet. so, to sum it up, let me summarize, whether you like it or not, the events that happen to me this year...

first half of the year from january to july, i was assigned in kuwait... for the 2nd time... to continue the ivr project for kuwait finance house. i met and worked with many people of different races : indian, pakistani, egyptian, palestinian, syrian, kuwaiti, lebanese, bangladeshi to name a few. i lived with an indian, lebanese and saudi arabian... and most of the time, for almost 3 months, i lived alone in my apartment. here, i learned to be independent. living alone in a 2-bed room apartment with complete set of appliances is not a joke, with no one to wake you up when you fell asleep while watching tv, waking up in the middle of the night wondering why i am not in my bed, with no one to wake you up early in the morning, with no one to prepare your breakfast, with no one to clean your room, with no one to wash your clothes. i am like lito cruz in tide commercial... always me.. me.. me.. (lagi na lang ako, ako, ako). in the first month, i usually washed my clothes and do the ironing during weekends... later, i brought my clothes to laundry shop for ironing, and later... i iron my clothes 1 hour before i wear it, getting them directly out from the drier. in the work place, on the first month, i was a bit awkward working with other nationalities, but later, i was with them taking lunch on an indian restaurant, going with them to catch some fish, cracking jokes with them. up to now, i still have communication with my friends in kuwait... zahid, ravi, kashif, sazzad, sheejan, husam to name a few.

returning back from kuwait, got my salary increase... new faces came along. there are new employees: marco, francis and elmer... jeff left the company... alona to my surprise also left... turn-over activities followed, first from jeff, then from alona. maita was in the company, gina also came. i was overwhelmed by the bigger responsibilities ahead of me. the company was restructured, and still restructuring up to now. many things had happened, i spent the last half of 2004 doing technical support and some minor developments.

basically, i spent almost 75% of my 2004 at work and 25% on my private life. regarding my life, people come, people go. someone new came to me, and i was glad i met her. though we are far from each other, it did not became a hindrance, marhgil lives to love. it is also on this year that i was diagnosed with diabetes, something that i inherited from my parents... both of them are diabetic... my father bought a pajero... i got a new future sister-in-law... sm city was opened in batangas, and i learned the art of shopping. :)

if you want to know the complete details of what happened to me this 2004, read the archives... and my old diary.

Happy New Year to ALL!

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