Thursday, July 01, 2004

Mission Accomplished!

Before I go tonight, let me post here the things that I will never forget here in Kuwait.

1. KFC Jaguar Promotion I almost win the jaguar! But I did not. :)
2. Filipinos in Burger King They gave me free apple pie!
3. Bus No. 16 or 17 A nice option if I am running out of fulos!
4. Makati Manila Taxi When I call them, they already know where I am, they will just say "Kabayan, 5 minutes." and hang-up.
5. Pizza Hut Delivery One of my food sources for dinner.
6. Chicken Tikka Delivery One of my food sources for dinner too.
7. KFC Delivery Another food source. :)
8. Calicut Restaurant I love their Chicken Biryani!!!
9. Everyday Birthday This is one of the nicest thing that happened in KFH.
10. Ocean Taxi The lady radio operator has strong accent!(Bisaya). My back-up if Makati Taxi is not available.

Influential People I met (in ramdom order) :)
At work...
Kashif, Zahid, Ravi, Sazzad, Sheejan, Fernan, Mang Gerry, Avinash, Ahmed Ali, Hatem, Santhosh, Sivaraman, Shabrawi, Riaz, Shantaraj, Rami, Nabeel, Yaqoub, Siham, Geraldine, Mostafa, Rafi, Thanveer, Nasser, Omar, Hani

Husam, Anas, Ahmed, Mohammed Quenai and with full respect to Khalid Mekkaoui

who else?? but my Kabayan... Benny (ang ganda ng bahay mo!)

In the Church...
Abi, Ann, Mina, Ka Mario, Ka Rey, Ka Jeanette, Ka Joel, Ka Nick, Ka Rading

Another chapter in my life has ended... when I get back to Diavox, I can proudly say to them "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"

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