Friday, July 30, 2004

kukote reloaded

too busy these past few days... lots of turnover activities. so many things to learn, so many things to study... i think, i need to upgrade my kukote to cope up with all of these...

i'm going back to Batangas early tomorrow to attend my cousin's wedding. i'L be marrying someone soon... before I die. :) seriously... no plans yet... not at this point in my life where I am still enjoying my singlehood. :)

though i don't personally like Mirriam Defensor... these past few days... i appreciate her courage to tell the whole Philippines how much senators are getting from the government, and of course, from the tax we are paying. i hope... her move to oblige the senators to show where these money are going will come to reality... at least.. we know where our tax is going.

what else? I just want to let ITS know that I hope... they study Professionalism 101. They don't reply to my mails, and it seems that they have no plans of paying me for the 1-Month service that I offered. My God, the God of INC will teach them a lesson if they continue this wrongdoing.

That's all. God bless everyone. Happy weekend!

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