Thursday, July 22, 2004

formula for success

what can I say? yesterday is my father's birthday and tomorrow will be my niece's birthday, and between those dates... which is today... i was informed that i was promoted... instead of doing codes for most of my time, i will be handling projects now, communicate with client, and supervise my subordinates. huh!... this is really a great day to celebrate and to thank God... on Sunday will be our Thanksgiving for the 90th anniversary of our church... a great day to offer Him all my thanks for the success I am getting on my carreer right now.

i still remember Noli de Castro's answer to Korina's interview..."What is the secret of your success?"... His answer... "Sipag, tyaga at swerte." (industry, patience, good luck)  I think he is right... no matter how industrious or patient you are... but without the good luck... you'll not succeed. And how will you get the good luck??? This is something beyond our control... but there is Someone who can control that, GOD.  So... Manuel Villar's ST (Sipag at Tyaga)  campaign is not enough. ST with prayer must be the correct formula to succeed in life.

That's all for now.

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