Friday, July 16, 2004

Hostage crisis

The hostage crisis that the Philippine government faced these past few days is really a headliner, you can read it on the newspaper, see it on TV, read it on the net.  And I really appreciate GMA's decision to pull out the troops in Iraq to save the life of Angelo de la Cruz. All I can say to America... life is more precious and more important than our relationship with you! Philippines should not be afraid if America withdraw its support to us. We are Filipinos, I believe that we can survive without America.
Just a thought, what if... the hostage taker of Angelo de la Cruz demanded that GMA should step down from the presidency to give way for FPJ? Will she give in? Hehehehe. Or... let's make it lighter... they demanded to open the certificate of canvass. Will she give in?
I think, Pangilinan will just say... "Ok... it is Noted!" Hahahaha!!!

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